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28 Apr 02:38

Hey fellas, great news! The lovely npm package aka the console line tools were just updated to the version 1.9.0!

What's New?

  1. Update to node.js-0.10+ and all the latest npm packages
  2. Switching from should.js to chai.js. Basically this means that now you can switch between testing styles and use asserts or should or expect matches in your projects

    {Test, assert} = require('lovely')
    # or
    {Test, should} = require('lovely')
    # or
    {Test, expect} = require('lovely')
  3. The internals of the testing utilities were reworked to provide better speed and usability. Firstly there is no module in Test.load anymore, you can just load directly what you want

    {Test, should} = require('lovely')
    describe "Awesome Package", ->
      AwesomePackage = null
      before Test.load (build)->
        AwesomePackage = build
      it "should be awesome", ->
        AwesomePackage.should.equal "awesomeness"

    Also, now you can run every test individually with the lovely cmd

    $ lovely test/

    And, you can run your tests agains a minified version of the package builds, just in case you want to make sure that nothing was wreaked during the compression process

    $ lovely test -m
    $ lovely test --minify

That's all we have for today fellas. Enjoy!

13 Apr 04:18

Hey fellas!

Two news

  1. From now on will use GitHub as the main auth-provider. Which kinda makes sense considering the task we're doing here :)
  2. The new landing page was rolled out! Check it out, let me know if it makes sense

Cheers, Nikolay

09 Dec 00:14

Hey fellas, great news!

The lovely cli tools were updated to the version 1.8.0 and as per usual we have a whole bunch of new features!

1) Vanilla builds. Basically now you can build anything with the lovely build tool. Your projects don't have to be modules anymore, as long as it has file, you can make a vanilla build out of it by simply specifying the --vanilla option!

2) CSS dumps, the lovely build also now supports the --no-styles option, in this case it won't try to inline your css into the javascript file and will simply dump the styles in a separated build file. That's useful in case when you use the lovely tools for non projects building.

3) The lovely server now can transparently serve .sass, .scss and .styl files to the browser and convert them on fly into css. So be happy and write any styles in anything you like.

4) Lovely.IO is now officially supports SCSS. You can write your package styles in it if you like.

5) The lovely install and lovely uninstall commands semantic was changed to the more natural one

lovely install something-1.2.3 something-2.3.4 ...
lovely uninstall module module ...

6) The package.json file now can be named lovely.json. That is in case if you need to make a package that will be distributed between several different platforms and you need different settings for

7) The default development server styles were updated with some nicefications.

I think that's about it. Enjoy! :)

22 Nov 09:46

Great news everyone! The lovely CLI tools were just updated to the version 1.7.0!

The change log goes like that

  • lovely test command was added. This is a nice shortcut that runs all the console tests that your package has in the test/ folder and takes case of all the mocha extra machinery.

    Now you can just run lovely test in someones package and make sure that you didn't break anything, without actually mangling with mocha

  • lovely dump command was added. This command allows you to build a set of packages with all their dependencies into one single static file, which you can then host on your own server.

    This is useful if you wanna work with SSL on your server or have your own static version of the scripts for any other reason.

  • Now you can specify default languages for your new projects in the ~/.lovelyrc file

    echo "lang = js,css" >> ~/.lovelyrc

    By default it will be coffee,sass but you can specify any pair from coffee, js, css, stylus and sass in there.

  • The lovely server command now can compile non-project related coffee files on fly. Say if you're working on something that is not a package and use lovely as a simple server to serve your local files, now you can write your code in coffee and just include those files on your page as they are. Lovely server will automatically convert them into javascript and send to your browser.

  • A bunch of shortcuts were added for the lovely commands, you can now run things like lovely s, lovely -h, lovely -v and so on.


08 Jul 02:33

Hey folks, great news!

We reached the next major milestone in the development and delivering today the automatic documentation hosting for your projects.

Now all markdown documents that you save in the docs folder of your project, will be automatically uploaded to the server the next time you call lovely publish

The better news is that you don't have to write the documentation yourself. The lovely npm package was updated and now you can generate all your docs from your source code with the lovely docs command!

No more hassle with documentation! Just keep your code clean and will take care of the rest.

All the STL packages documentation is already on the server. Check it out dom documentation!

10 Jun 11:07

Hey everyone, great news!

You know that automatically hosts static assets for your packages, and if you like the feature, there is a great news, because there were several major updates in the server to improve the way we handle static assets.

1) Firstly, now all the new assets will be marked with SHA1 hashes and served by using this signature as it's primary ID. This basically means that all your static assets will be cached independently from your actual javascript packages. As the result, if you didn't change images, and only your scripting was changed, the users of your updated package will download only the scripting, the static assets will be reused from the previous versions.

2) Now you can host not just images, but fonts as well. Using fonts as collections of icons is becoming more and more popular. the ui core since the version 2.0 will be using FontAwesome as the default icon set.

3) The lovely CLI tools were updated with fixes and patches that allow the fonts to be served and published at the server.

09 Jun 08:39

Hey everyone, long time no see! I finally have some time to finish up unfinished business with the

The first step is a more modern and certainly lovely looking new design.


22 Aug 08:44

The screencast section was updated with a little HTML5 based video player for live shows playback

You can see it over here

20 Aug 11:47

Hey everyone!

Great news, I think I started a screencast about! You can find the pilot episode over here

As it's my first time making such things, I'd appreciate any sort of feedback, thanks!

19 Aug 16:36

Hey everyone! I'm glad to tell you that the lovely CLI interface was just updated with the... well, 'update' command.

lovely update

This will fetch all the recent updates from the server into your local repository.

17 Aug 13:38

Hey folks, great news!

I've added the package tags support! Check out the packages index, in the sidebar you can see currently registered tags and can filter the packages by them.

On the package side itself it is pretty much dead simple, just add the following into your package.json

  "tags" : "Boo, Hoo"

Lovely will automatically hook 'em up the next time you publish your package

10 Aug 08:54

Hey everyone, we've got a new feature at!

Now there are automatic changelogs hosting available. Just create a file named CHANGELOG in your project root directory and fill it in with some content like that

2011-08-10 Nikolay Nemshilov
  * did this
  * did that

2011-08-08 Nikolay Nemshilov
  * done this
  * done that

And the next time you publish your package, there will be a page like this one

07 Aug 13:13
03 Aug 15:51

My dear fellas, I've just deployed a new feature for! And it's an awesome automatic assets hosting. Meaning the images.

I also wrote a little package to demonstrate how it looks like playing cards. Also a little psychic abilities test just for the kicks

There are a few things left and if everything go smoothly, then I should open up the whole thing for early adopters on this weekend.

31 Jul 09:52

Good news everyone! Now supports automatic live demos of your packages!

Basically, you don't have to do anything. If you have an demo.html or an index.html file in your package root directory. Next time when you publish it, lovely will send it to the server and we make you a nice looking demo page out of it.

For example, I wrote a simple sudoku game, just for fun. And now you can play it as well

22 Jul 14:44
16 Jul 07:26

A great news everyone!

Now we have the comments available in the news feed!

15 Jul 14:20
15 Jul 14:18

Hey folks! Just wanted to inform you that now we have the news feed.

Also, there is the package updates ATOM feed available as well