The Next Generation of Front-Side

09 Dec 00:14
Lovely CLI tools v1.8.0 is out!

Hey fellas, great news!

The lovely cli tools were updated to the version 1.8.0 and as per usual we have a whole bunch of new features!

1) Vanilla builds. Basically now you can build anything with the lovely build tool. Your projects don't have to be modules anymore, as long as it has file, you can make a vanilla build out of it by simply specifying the --vanilla option!

2) CSS dumps, the lovely build also now supports the --no-styles option, in this case it won't try to inline your css into the javascript file and will simply dump the styles in a separated build file. That's useful in case when you use the lovely tools for non projects building.

3) The lovely server now can transparently serve .sass, .scss and .styl files to the browser and convert them on fly into css. So be happy and write any styles in anything you like.

4) Lovely.IO is now officially supports SCSS. You can write your package styles in it if you like.

5) The lovely install and lovely uninstall commands semantic was changed to the more natural one

lovely install something-1.2.3 something-2.3.4 ...
lovely uninstall module module ...

6) The package.json file now can be named lovely.json. That is in case if you need to make a package that will be distributed between several different platforms and you need different settings for

7) The default development server styles were updated with some nicefications.

I think that's about it. Enjoy! :)