The Next Generation of Front-Side

28 Apr 02:38
Lovely.IO v1.9.0 is out!

Hey fellas, great news! The lovely npm package aka the console line tools were just updated to the version 1.9.0!

What's New?

  1. Update to node.js-0.10+ and all the latest npm packages
  2. Switching from should.js to chai.js. Basically this means that now you can switch between testing styles and use asserts or should or expect matches in your projects

    {Test, assert} = require('lovely')
    # or
    {Test, should} = require('lovely')
    # or
    {Test, expect} = require('lovely')
  3. The internals of the testing utilities were reworked to provide better speed and usability. Firstly there is no module in Test.load anymore, you can just load directly what you want

    {Test, should} = require('lovely')
    describe "Awesome Package", ->
      AwesomePackage = null
      before Test.load (build)->
        AwesomePackage = build
      it "should be awesome", ->
        AwesomePackage.should.equal "awesomeness"

    Also, now you can run every test individually with the lovely cmd

    $ lovely test/

    And, you can run your tests agains a minified version of the package builds, just in case you want to make sure that nothing was wreaked during the compression process

    $ lovely test -m
    $ lovely test --minify

That's all we have for today fellas. Enjoy!