The Next Generation of Front-Side

10 Jun 11:07
The Assets Server Updates

Hey everyone, great news!

You know that automatically hosts static assets for your packages, and if you like the feature, there is a great news, because there were several major updates in the server to improve the way we handle static assets.

1) Firstly, now all the new assets will be marked with SHA1 hashes and served by using this signature as it's primary ID. This basically means that all your static assets will be cached independently from your actual javascript packages. As the result, if you didn't change images, and only your scripting was changed, the users of your updated package will download only the scripting, the static assets will be reused from the previous versions.

2) Now you can host not just images, but fonts as well. Using fonts as collections of icons is becoming more and more popular. the ui core since the version 2.0 will be using FontAwesome as the default icon set.

3) The lovely CLI tools were updated with fixes and patches that allow the fonts to be served and published at the server.