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26 Nov 10:09

Hey folks, the new episode of our fabulous show is here!

Today we're talking about participation in the project. I'm explaining the project structure, how to install everything, how to make changes and so on.

Enjoy and don't be shy to ask questions!

19 Nov 13:48

Hey fellas!

The new episode of the show is here!

Today we're digging into something awesome that's called "multileveled MVC" and building the mines game in JavaScript and LovelyIO

All the source code of the episode can be found over here


04 Nov 16:52

Hey folks,

We're back with a new episode!

This time I'm talking about MVC stuff, modularity and basic application structure of based projects.

Enjoy the show, and let me know if you have any questions!

15 Oct 14:47

Hey fellas,

We have a new episode of our hilarious show. This time we will go deeper inside of the dom-wrappers architecture and convert the spaghetti code from our last episode into some more or less decent object oriented code.

As per usual, you can find all the source code of this episode in this github repo and you can ask questions over here @nemshilov

07 Oct 13:40

Hey good folks of Earth,

Good to see you here again. It was more than a year since the last episode, the basic reason for this, is that i wanted to wait a bit before ideas of ditching IE8 support will get more widely accepted, and I also wanted to smooth some edges out of the whole workflow, and stuff like that.

So, today we're getting back on the air with a new episode. And today I'm going to show how to use on practice. There is nothing really advanced, just a bunch of pretty much generic use cases, just to give you a feel of how it all gets together.

I hope you enjoy it. And thanks for stopping by and giving it a go.

Cheers, Nik

23 Aug 13:14

This show explains how to install lovely CLI tools an how to make and publish a simple package for

20 Aug 11:44

Hi everyone!

This is the pilot episode of our screencast about We talk about the project's goals and basic principles, also show you some awesome things it can do.