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Terms Of Use

Lovely.IO project and its packages registry are owned by Nikolay Nemshilov. All rights not explicitly granted in the MIT license are reserved.

The packages that hosted on the service are not part of the project itself, but solely property and responsibility of their maintainers.

Packages that are published on are not affiliated or endorsed by the project or Nikolay Nemshilov

While all efforts are made to ensure accountability, there is no guaranty of any kind, warrantee, or assertion made to the quality, or lack of malice in the service or any given package hosted on it.

Use Of Service

  1. You are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the service as a source of publicly available packages, and also as a hosting platform for your own modules.
  2. By using any of the packages hosted at this service, you therefore confirm that you are agree with the current terms of use and with the package's license agreement.
  3. By publishing a package at the service you confirm that you are agree with the current terms of use and allow the third party applications use your module in terms of your package's license agreement
  4. You are free to choose your own license for your own packages.

Restrictions Of Use

  1. The service shall not be used to host any sort of offensive or dangerous content and/or spyware.
  2. The cannot be used to host any other general use frameworks that duplicate the STL packages functionality.
  3. No packages hosted at should provide an explicit support of obsolete browsers and browsers that do not comply with the W3C standards.
  4. All packages hosted at should not copy, reverse engineer and such, any commercial projects that are protected by copyright law and explicitly prohibit other developers from doing so.

Administrative Actions

  1. Administration of the service reserves the right to block or/and remove any user or package from the service without an explicit explanation or prior warning.
  2. Administration of this service reserves the right to change the terms of service at any time and in any way that appears to be suitable to the administration.